Scott & Nancy


Join us on our Show, "Shoot The Shit" where structure is like a wall built out of jello, and the sky is the limit for what you can talk about! Our topics are like handing people a couple beers at a party, a way in which to break the ice and get people talking! We invite you to join in on our round table discussions, share your advice, share your stories, and learn something new that you may not have known!

Our show was inspired by a time not too long ago... when it was much more common to sit around and shoot the shit with friends and family and receive advice on our life situations to help us get through whatever it was that we were going through!

Business “how-to’s” were passed down from bosses or the business owner within the family… We got our tips on self-development, dating and relationship from our parents, siblings, or aunts and uncles… Networking in person and throughout life, was where you learned how to do whatever it was you wished to do.


Today, families are much smaller and often spread apart, and technology and social media take up much of what use to be considered "quality time."


Personal interaction among friends, families, and colleagues is at it’s all time low. More and more people seek to “figure things out” on their own because the resources to do so are so accessible. Reading books and articles, and blogs is no doubt a fantastic method for growth, BUT a book can't "snap you out of it" OR ever replace the impact that comes with hearing stories and advice from a person themselves.

We have created our show to bring back that "round table" talk experience that is so powerful and fun to be a part of. Topics change weekly, and gloves are off as far as what gets discussed.

Join us Tuesdays at 8:30pm EST, on our weekly Facebook LIVES.


To watch our show, all you need to do is go to Nancy Ihlefeld-Kiesling's Facebook page at that time and look for the LIVE video streaming.


Anyone watching is welcome to "POP-IN" live at any time and share their opinion, advice or story! We explain exactly how to do this at the beginning of every show. 

Guests & "POP-IN's" are invited in on a first come, first serve basis. Tune in to our next show and see how it all takes place! See you there!