Assignment 1

Welcome To Your First Assignment - Get In Tune With YOU!

The following assignment is going to be ongoing throughout this course and our time together. This is a very important and vital assignment to developing your soulmate attraction mindset. If you have any questions, email us: joinscottandnancy@gmail.com

We are here for you! 

Meditation Assignment: Notes from Video

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Module 1

Your First Module Is Here! - MIND CHATTER

Module 1 has three short videos. Listen to them at your own pace, completing them before our next meeting together. As you listen, keep a notebook handy and jot down any questions and/or thoughts that come up for you.

MODULE 1: Part 1


MODULE 1: Part 2


MODULE 1: Part 3


REFLECTION QUESTIONS: After listening to all of Module 1, complete these questions and turn them into to us before our next call together.

Email it to: joinscottandnancy@gmail.com

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Email: joinscottandnancy@gmail.com

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