Welcome To Week 2: Learning How To Change Your Story

Please start this week by completing the following assignment and getting it in to us  before our next coaching call together. There is a PDF version and a WORD DOC format (they are exactly the same) in case you have trouble downloading one or the other. 

Once you have it completed, email it to us: joinscottandnancy@gmail.com

Thank you!

Assignment PDF Format

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Assignment Word Format

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Module 2

Enjoy Module 2! - CHANGE YOUR STORY

Module 2 has two videos. Listen to both before our next meeting together. As you listen, keep a notebook handy and jot down any questions and/or thoughts that come up for you.

MODULE 2: Part 1


MODULE 2: Part 2


REFLECTION QUESTIONS: After listening to all of Module 2, complete these questions and turn them into to us before our next call together.

Email it to: joinscottandnancy@gmail.com

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Email: joinscottandnancy@gmail.com

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