Module 6!

Module 6 - LOVE

This week's Module is about all they ways we are programmed to give and receive Love. Each one of us has our own unique way that we prefer to be loved. That means, your partner will have their own preference to how they receive love as well!


Listen to these videos before our next call together. As you listen, keep a notebook handy and jot down any questions and/or thoughts that come up for you ~ Xoxo

MODULE 6. Part 1

MODULE 6. Part 2

Reflection Questions: Complete this and turn in your answers to us before our next call together.

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We know it can get a little daunting as we tack on new exercises for you to do each day. To help you keep track, and have a check list of sorts.. Print out this PDF and put it by your desk, tape it to your bathroom mirror, or wherever it will serve as a daily reminder for you!


By this point there are 3 critical exercises you should be incorporating into each day in order to ensure a change in your future outcome. For the rest of our time together, make sure you do the following each and every day! Make a pact with yourself RIGHT NOW to have a new daily Routine! 

These exercises make the difference!

Recap of Daily Exercises

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As always, any questions... email us at joinscottandnancy@gmail.com

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