Introduction To Our Program: 

Please view this brief introduction to understand how our program will operate, and what you can expect. 

Re-Cap Of the Introduction Video.

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QUESTIONNAIRE: Complete before your next coaching call. 

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Please fill out this questionnaire with your answers and email it back to us no later than the day before our first 2hour coaching call together. There is a PDF version and a WORD DOC format of this questionnaire (they are exactly the same).


It most likely will be easiest to fill out your answers in the WORD DOC and then download that into a PDF to send back to us. 


Take time to answer all questions and put effort into your answers. These questions are part of the Uncovering Method which is going to help us in assisting you to discover the root cause of your pattern and break it.  Be as specific as possible with your answers.


Email: joinscottandnancy@gmail.com

Phone: 910-264-7748