Kind Words

"LIFE CHANGING! I tell people I am glad I invested in myself and that Scott and Nancy gave me the tools to learn to love myself which I so desperately needed and yearned for. I have never been happier, felt more complete, full of life, and ever present. Carpe Diem!"

~ Noelle

"Scott & Nancy are very knowledgeable and understanding, and are great motivators. My biggest take away from working with them was that relationships and people will give you what you allow. You must develop standards and learn how to stick to them even when it's difficult, otherwise you will keep getting the same undesirable results in your relationships. Scott & Nancy taught me how to go about doing this."

~ Christy

"Scott, Nancy, & Talis truly made everyone on their Costa Rica trip feel like family. There was an immediate camaraderie that spread from them to everyone in the group and we we’re able to both discuss serious topics and kick back and have fun from the first day until the end of the trip. Through the trip there were times when we found sanctuary in our invigorating yoga practice and other times when we pushed ourselves in ways that were quite adventurous. The adventurous things were much less daunting because of the connection and support that was felt within the group. Also, Scott has worked on making sure movie action stunts are performed safely for years and focuses to make sure safety standards are still followed in off the beaten pass locations. Few things really have a big impact on your life, but a trip with these folks can be transformative!"

~ Tom

"I never traveled alone as a single woman... I was very nervous for my first time to be out of the country and to an exotic place like Costa Rica! But the trip looked like it was going to be so much fun and exactly what I needed. Scott and Nancy answered every single question I had and guided me all the way from the time I booked until I arrived. It was really great to have the woman to woman connection and perception on things from Nancy, as our concerns as a woman travelers are different than a man's."


This is the closest I've ever felt to my husband in the 8yrs we've been together. I've never had so much openness and vulnerability. I feel like he sees things from my point of view more and I feel like understand how he sees the world now, which gives me an understanding of his behaviors and reactions. 

~ Jennifer

Before we signed on with Scott & Nancy our relationship was on it's last leg. My wife and I were arguing everyday and it seemed like the same argument we had been having for the last 3yrs. We were spending less and less time together because we were doing our best to avoid conflict. I felt like anything I said was always taken wrong. I just never felt heard. My wife felt similar. Since working with Scott & Nancy we have a new way of talking out our problems so we actually come to an understanding and solution. I have a much better understanding of myself and the control I have over my reactions and taking things personally. I can see beyond that now which has helped immensely. My wife and I have a new found trust and understanding for each other and it's allowed our relationship to grow closer than it's ever been. I love knowing my wife on this new level and allowing her to truly know me!

~ Chris

Everyone needs a little Scott & Nancy in their life. The only way to find Mr. Right is to get yourself to Mrs. Right. Makes so much sense now! Scott & Nancy I love you two so very much! You have such a contagious outlook on life. I am truly grateful you came across my path and I went with my gut in learning all you had to offer. Your unique way of getting people to discover their true capabilities in this life is one I will never forget. Kevin and I look forward to staying in touch and growing together in our future together. Thank you for enlightening my life.

~ Stephanie

"Thank you Scott & Nancy for helping me to develop trust!"

Starting out, I was very skeptical as to whether Scott & Nancy could make a difference in my relationship department. I had not had success in relationships! I had been divorced once, and had 3 failed relationships since. I was getting pretty comfy with me, myself and I... I am the CEO of a large corporate company, and men were often intimidated by my career status, or they would end up in a competing match with me. I was struggling to find an equal without an ego! About 8 months after working with Scott & Nancy I met him! A completely different man than I had experienced.. I now understand flipping my magnet. 

~ Denise

"I'm not sure where I should start as I am beyond blessed to have such an amazing mentor in my life! True and honest guidance. Scott's knowledge and voice of reason has always helped me when I've had a hard time finding my way. When I need guidance I know exactly who to turn to. He is compassionate and listens wholeheartedly, but will let you know if he thinks you are heading in a direction of self sabotage because your old tapes are playing. He teaches you how to step back and see the WHOLE picture of a situation, so you can find your own way with his guidance. He never tells you what to do, but gives you different scenarios to think about so you actually can see it for yourself. I could not recommend someone more compassionate, understanding, loving, giving and of course knowledgeable to help you in your journey. Thank you Scott for all of your support and guidance. I am forever grateful!"

~ Darlene 

"I wanted to try out a Yoga Retreat but all the ones I was coming across just seemed too much for me. I like yoga, but I only practice once or twice a week...  Scott & Nancy's was a perfect mix of yoga and adventure. I always felt capable and I was NEVER bored, lol! Can't wait to go on their next one!!"

~ Dave