What happens when you take two people from completely different journeys, and bring them together to impact the world? 

You get a view of purpose from both sides of the camera. Prior to meeting, Scott & Nancy had very different lives, however, they were on the path to elevating who they needed to be in order to become the perfect fit for one another! Their uniting could never have happened at any other point in time and been as kismet and powerful as it was.

Together, Scott & Nancy have found their purpose in inspiring others to achieve what they believe to be impossible in order to live their best lives! 

This dynamic duo has experienced life through becoming entrepreneurs, adventure specialists, life strategists, authors, filmmakers, and world travelers who find true happiness in encouraging people to push beyond their perceived limitations

towards new and previously unexplored heights. This is accomplished

through a variety of unique techniques that enable rapid, transformational change.

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To have an experience you have yet to experience.


Have you ever gotten advise and guidance from someone who IS where you want to be in life, and HAS what you wish for??

Have you ever gotten the professional opinion of both a male AND a female's perspective in regards to your struggle?

If the answer is no, then please read on! We find true happiness in helping people to push beyond their perceived limitations towards new and previously unexplored heights. We assist people in achieving their best lives by conquering what they believe to be impossible.


I love helping people achieve their wildest imagination!

From the time I was little, I had a strong connection with the earth, and a big heart with lots of feelings. I grew up in a household where this was constantly scolded out of me, therefore, developed a very tall wall as a result to "do right" and fit in.. This didn't yield what I desired most in my life.

I strived to​ overcome adversity & abuse, reversing the generational cycle of negativity within my family.


I went on to work in the film industry for 30+ years, which has taught me numerous invaluable life skills, most importantly, my broad knowledge base involving human behavior. In my early 30's is when I began a self-education journey to learn everything I could about connecting to my true self and my inner guidance.

As a rescue climber and a rock climbing gym owner, with over 20 years experience, I began guiding numerous groups and individuals on thrilling, and also breathtaking, mountainous climbing adventures.

A few years ago I manifested Nancy, which was a big piece to the puzzle of having the life I desired. Today, we enjoy living a life unlike the average from our sailboat, traveling to exotic places, and inspiring others to achieve their dreams and have their best life! 

Nancy and I love working together, creating ideas , watching them manifest, and having the ability to share them with others. 




From the time I can remember, my life has been intertwined with empowering women, and encouraging people to live the life that they desire.

I was raised in an extremely unique household, by parents who were notably forward thinkers, which instilled in me an invaluable skill set that has been the backbone to every accomplishment in my life.

My mother was a life coach before life coaches were a thing, and my father was an entrepreneur, owning and operating a commercial construction company, as well as several real estate properties. I have four older sisters. of which I am the youngest. Yes.... all girls! .

Due to this, I gained a unique perspective on life as a woman and organically developed the traits to be empowered, independent, have an entrepreneurial mindset, and know my self worth.

In college, I took pleasure in continuing my education to learn more about psychology, human behavior, and business. At age 26, I launched my first business, a wedding planning company. Enjoying the challenges that come with owning and operating a business, I continued to eventually launch two additional companies, a handbag company, and the company Scott and I now operate together, our Adventure & Life Coaching Business - "Scott & Nancy Kiesling."

I thoroughly enjoy being able to help others become more in tune with themselves, so they can build the confidence, empowerment, and self-worth necessary to have the loving relationships in their life that they desire.

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