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Scott & Nancy met at the perfect time in their lives...

From the moment Scott & Nancy met, it was like two old souls coming together after a long journey apart. There was this undeniable connection that made them great friends right away. They always say, that they could've never met any sooner because they wouldn't have been in the space to connect as they did. 

Prior to meeting, they had very different lives, but were on the path to elevating to whom they needed to become in order to be the perfect fit for one another!


They were just friends for almost a year before they started dating...

When they first met, they were both doing the opposite of what they had always done in relationships - they were putting themselves first. In their coaching today, they advocate friending instead of dating because that's what they did. They traveled together as friends, went to events and dinners as friends, went on excursions as friends... In the beginning, many thought like you.. but they were truly just friends. This allowed them to really get to know one another without emotion involved. "When you put the "dating" label on meeting up, it increases anxiety and causes people to put masks on and hold their true authentic self back," says Scott & Nancy. "Being friends for so long allowed the time to really see how the other behaved in all sorts of situations. In that year, we traveled together, went through deaths together, missed flights, were late to things, had work emergencies, family issues... and. I got to see that Scott handled things similar to how I would have," says Nancy.

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"Being friends for so long allowed the time to really see how the other behaved in all sorts of situations."

About two years into marriage, tragedy struck...

Scott and Nancy had a very adventurous life and relationship -- living the nomad life, sailing, traveling to exotic countries, staying in treehouses, motorcycle riding, rock climbing, scuba diving... Two years into their marriage, their lifestyle came to a screeching halt when Scott was involved in an accidental explosion at work resulting in a brain injury, hearing loss, and vertigo. Doctors said he would never fully regain his mental and physical capacity, but they were wrong. 


Adventure for Scott went from waterfall rappelling and skydiving to walking a straight line and being out in public. Nancy danced between caretaker and wife, and with her adventurous mindset sought out alternative healing methods and held Scott accountable for reaching new goals each day so he would regain his independence.


Scott & Nancy used moderate Adventure Therapy to retrain Scott’s brain; and with consistent, 1-degree shifts of stepping him outside of his comfort zone and syncing his physiology to his mindset, he slowly began to heal. 


The power of a woman and the power of adventure helped Scott to exceed the doctors' recovery predictions by 65%!

"Having an adventurous mindset - making adventurous decisions and envisioning adventurous outcomes - is what enabled us to grow through our tragedy. We are here to tell you that you can overcome any obstacle, big or small, if you have an adventurous mindset."

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"We are here to tell you that tou can overcome any obstacle, big or small, if you have an adventurous mindset."

Since that time, Scott & Nancy have become known as the go-to experts for Adventure Therapy.

Using the innovative tools & strategies they created to excel through their adversity and keep their relationship strong and thriving in the process, today they continue to build self-development, relationship, and business courses, speak at corporate events, and host esteem-building Adventure Therapy Retreats to propel people from standing on the edge of their life peering down at what they wish for, to leaping into the best version of themselves and living life to the fullest.


In the last year, they multiplied their business by 10 fold working with high profile people such as supermodels, Hollywood actors/actresses, doctors, lawyers, realtors, and entrepreneurs. They have appeared on multiple podcasts, have been featured on The List TV, published in Authority Magazine and Wealthy Single Mommy magazine, and Tony Robbins announced that he’d recommend them because “they have lived it!”


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Today, I am LOVE.

But it wasn't always that way.​ When I was little, I had a strong connection with the earth and a big heart with lots of feelings, however, this wasn't exactly encouraged in my household and I developed many walls to "do right" and fit in. 


This didn't yield what I desired most in my life, therefore, I strived to​ overcome my adversity & abuse and reverse engineer the generational cycle of negativity within my family so my son could have a very different life than I did.


Working in the film industry for 30+ years taught me numerous invaluable life skills, most importantly, my broad knowledge base involving human behavior which helped me immensely. In my early 30's is when I began my self-education journey to learn everything I could about connecting to my true self and my inner guidance.

Manifesting Nancy was a big piece to the puzzle of having the life I desired. I love working together as a team, creating ideas, watching them manifest, and having the ability to share them with others. 

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From the time I can remember, my life has been intertwined with empowering women and encouraging people to live the life that they desire.

I was raised in an extremely unique household, by parents who were notably forward thinkers, which instilled in me an invaluable skill set that has been the backbone to every accomplishment in my life.

My mother was a life coach before life coaches were a "thang", and my father was an entrepreneur, owning and operating a commercial construction company as well as many real estate properties. I have four older sisters of whom I am the youngest. Yes.... all girls! 

This gave me a unique perspective on life as a woman and organically developed within me the traits to be empowered, independent, know my self worth, and have an entrepreneurial mindset.

In college, I took pleasure in continuing my education to learn more about psychology, human behavior, and business. At age 26, I launched my first business, a wedding planning company. Enjoying the challenges that come with owning and operating a business, I continued to eventually launch two additional companies, a handbag company, and the company Scott and I now operate together, Scott & Nancy Consulting.


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