Many people take medication to improve memory loss, reduce stress and anxiety, boost self-esteem, and release endorphins; however, the solution to these ills can be a lot simpler than you think! 
Science is now discovering that hiking and spending time in nature can actually change your brain… for the better! Recent studies have proven that walking just 90 minutes in a natural environment lowered levels of obsessive and negative thoughts, and decreased individual’s feelings of depression and anxiety. Further studies showed that disconnecting from technology for a period of time and reconnecting with nature improved creative and complex problem solving skills by 50%.  


We are no scientists, but…  if 90 minutes can produce THOSE results, we can only imagine what 7 days of hiking and playing in the jungles of Costa Rica, and taking on adventures that illuminate the soul, and push you beyond your comfort zones, is doing for your brain! We have known it to be beneficial, because we have personally experienced the benefits... Read More >

Interviewed by Scott Vanko on CREATE AN IMPACT PODCAST!

AUDIO VERSION: Life Of Adventure With Scott & Nancy Kiesling


In this Episode, Scott Vanko from "Create An Impact" interviewd us in regards to how we live our life full of adventure through our business with Adventure Retreats. We discuss stepping out of your comfort zone, ways in which to achieve what you believe to be impossible, and our advice to those new to owning a business. We hope this episode inspires you to grow and create adventure in your life!

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Interviewed by Tracy Frame Lowry on MultiformPTSD Podcast!


It was a pleasure to visit with Scott & Nancy Kiesling, a husband & wife life coaching team. They use their unique method of Adventure Therapy to support women in breaking their pattern of failed relationships so they can have the healthy, loving and amazing relationship they have always dreamed of! This is part 1/2, and you don't want to miss either one!
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Are you ready to change the relationship patters in your life? My guests have a different approach that will really get your heart pumpin! Part 2 in this 2 part series with Scott and Nancy Kiesling was too much goodness to put into 1 episode! They use their own life experiences to come together and change the world for those who are willing to put in the work!

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