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If you are a high powered driven woman looking for success in your love life then join Scott & Nancy for an Adventure Therapy retreat in Costa Rica to have the loving relationship you dream about.

Costa Rica

November 8-15th, 2020

Sick & Tired Of Having Success In Everything EXCEPT Your Love Life?

Rediscover Your Value & Capabilities On

Our Adventure & Yoga Retreat.

Our next retreat is for the Ladies! Increase your independence, increase your confidence, and increase your self-love by taking part in self-growth and self-care. You cannot give what you don't have. When we are an empty vessel, we fill it with false clout. We fill it with our ridiculous drive to succeed in order give ourselves validation that we are needed and enough. We fill it with a drive to change ourselves to become like someone who has what we want. We fill it with the obsession to feel loved..

And all this does is create a larger void and an evil cycle rooting you deeper in your belief that you are not enough. 

By the end of our retreat our guests have a clear understanding of the root cause behind their relationship struggles and failed relationships, so they can whole heartedly believe and live in true love, and experience unconditional love first hand.


Meet other like-minded women who are also in a place of self-growth, making the choice to take charge of their life, and are doing something new in order to have a new and different outcome in their Love Life!

Make life long friendships with women you wouldn't have met otherwise. Together you will learn about yourselves, grow, and evolve. 

Everyone has failed and weak relationships until one day they don't. Just because you are in a long term relationship or marriage does not mean it's a healthy and great relationship.

By the end of our retreat, our guests feel a new sense of self-love, confidence, and self-worth and are shown how they can take that into their relationships in order to develop stronger bonds derived out of love..

Healthy relationships are the key to happiness in your life.

Enjoy 8DAYS, 7 NIGHTS at the luxurious Villa Maraes!




Get back in touch with tranquility

during your stay at Villa Mareas. The 18,000 sq. ft. private estate is surrounded by 36 acres of pristine rainforest. You'll get to wake up each morning to the jungle sounds of red macaws and howler monkeys while you stare out over a thick lush forest plunging down to the sandy coastline of deserted beaches and quiet coves.


Although you will get your boots

dirty each day with fun adventures and exploring... you will always come back to this luxury private estate where you can enjoy your favorite cocktail while relaxing by the pool on one of the oversized chaise lounges and listening to the sounds of the thundering waterfalls in the distance.. 


The 36 acre estate allows

for fun and play any time you choose.

Equipped with an infinity pool, hot tub, and spa.. along with trails through the jungle leading to majestic waterfalls and

waterholes to play in!

"LIFE CHANGING! I tell people I am glad I invested in myself and that Scott and Nancy gave me the tools to learn to love myself which I so desperately needed and yearned for. I have never been happier, felt more complete, full of life, and ever present. Carpe Diem!"

~ Noelle



Enjoy FIVE amazing adventures to connect your mind, body & soul!


YOGA: Learn how to love yourself fully and how to stop feeling like YOU need to be better! Learn how to turn the attention inward, investigate your past, and watch your life unfold. You'll be guided through yoga (at your pace) while gazing out over the jungle, and also get to enjoy a unique candlelit yoga class!

ZIP LINING: Learn what it feels like to be completely free as you zip line from tree to giant tree through the jungle! Get back to that kid in you and let go of your inhibitions. You'll get to see the jungle from a completely different view!

HORSE BACK RIDING: Learn the feeling of complete trust as you let go of the reigns on this horse back riding tour. You'll get to embark from the shore and ride into the mountains where we will take a break to have lunch beside a waterfall! 

WATERFALL RAPPELLING: Conquer the impossible and feel your power as you cascade down a majestic waterfall! You will rediscover and realize your true capabilities on this one of a kind waterfall rappelling tour.

WHITE WATER RAFTING: Experience true comradary and esteem builidng with the other amazing women on this trip as you work together through obstacles on a white water adventure. You'll get to take in the vistas of Costa Rica and experience the power of nature as you coast down the river.

JUNGLE HIKE: Tend to the explorer in you as you follow the intrigue and interest that lays ahead. You'll get to hike through the jungle and see exotic trees and wildlife like monkeys, toucans, lizards, giant butterflies, and the occasional sloth if you get lucky!



This retreat is all about

the self-care and self-growth you

have not given yourself up to this point. 

Part of the physiology change that will be taking place will be learning how to love YOU more and the importance of putting yourself first at times.

Each guest gets TWO spa massages during their week's stay, given

on the premises by a local

licensed masseuse.



Meals consist of a wide variety

of delicious options including but not limited to chicken, fish, steak, pork, and vegetarian dishes. All paired with deliecious locally grown vegetables and fruits.  All dietary needs are inquired

about and catered to.

Each day you'll enjoy delicious

farm to table meals and snacks prepared by our private chef and staff.


Our 9wk 

online coaching course:

Soulmate Strategy System

7 night ladies empowerment Adventure Retreat Costa Rica

May 14-21, 2020

This is a complete overhaul that will take you from where you are to where you want to be! Adventure Therapy syncs your mindset to your physiology. Our 9-week course paired with our 1:1 coaching sessions to guide you through, gets your mindset to the place it needs to be in order to have the love life you desire. Adventure Therapy ties it all together for the long-lasting true change.

You will learn about your self limiting beliefs - how they're holding you back, your model of the world, how to change your perspective to change your life, how to investigate your upbringing in a healthy way to shed light on your habits & patterns that are driving your life, the power of choice, how powerful you can become, and much more! 

Our online course is comprised of nine modules. You will complete one module per week, each being about 1.5hrs in length. Throughout the course you will have 4 coaching sessions with Scott & Nancy, meeting every other week to relate the information to you in particular, giving you the most growth.





  • Enrollment into our 9week online course

  • 4 Coaching sessions throughout the course with Scott & Nancy.

  • Your spot reserved on our Adventure Therapy Retreat

  • Adventure Therapy Retreat Includes:
    • 8 Days/7 Nights accommodation at Luxury Villa in Costa Rica.

    • Transportation To and From airport to resort. 

    • Travel Insurance.

    • 3 Farm-to-Table Meals per day + snacks, and unlimited water/tea/coffee

    • Guided Yoga & Meditation each day.

    • 2 Spa massages given at the resort, during your week.

    • 5 "Step You Out Of Your Comfort Zone" Adventures: zip lining, horseback riding, waterfall rappelling, jungle hike, and white water rafting.

    • Life & Relationship coaching from Scott & Nancy throughout the entire week.

    • Closing Celebration: Local Music, Dancing, Final Dinner Celebration.


  • Flights

  • Alcoholic Beverages


  • We accept Paypal or Venmo. With that, you can pay through your linked bank account and accrue no fees, or pay with credit card with 2.3% CC Fee.

  • Pay In Up to 3 Installments. Last Payment must be received by May 8, 2020.


  • Full Refund if cancelled within the first week of the online course.

  • 50% Refund if cancelled after our first call together during the online course.

  • 25% Refund If cancelled after Februarty 15th, but before April 1st, 2020. 

  • No Refunds after April 1st, 2020.


  • We only take a  small group of 11 women on our retreats. Don't miss out! Hold your place with a $250 deposit.   


5:30a - 7a:

  • Wake Up Time. Enjoy Coffee, Tea and light breakfast snack.

7a - 8:30a:

  • Yoga & Meditation

8:45a - 9:30a:

  • Feed your muscles and soul with a heavier breakfast. 

10a - 5p:

  • Depending on the Day's Adventure, this time block will consist of a mix between our Adventure of The Day (which includes Lunch or Snack depending on the adventure), Life & Relationship coaching along the day's journey, Free-Time at the resort, Lunch at the resort if Adventure didn't exceed past lunch time.

5:30p - 7p:

  • Shower, relax, personal time at the Resort.

7p - 8p:

  • Dinner

8p - 9p:

  • Conversation and re-cap of the day. 

9p - til...

  • Free time for rest of the evening. 

Your Retreat Hosts - Scott & Nancy

"It is best to learn from those who have achieved what you're looking for."  

Scott & Nancy are a husband & wife life coaching team who specialize in relationship building. They use their extensive training and life experiences to teach people how to navigate through Life's uncertainties. This power couple is known for getting results through a variety of unique techniques that enable rapid, transformational change.

"What if we could tell you that we were just like you? That we never thought we would find that love that means EVERYTHING, that love that lights you up, that gives you your REASON every single day. What if we could tell you that we doubted if we would ever meet our soulmate? We doubted if we would ever meet that person who would be there through the thick and thin in life. And learn all the tools that are necessary to keep that relationship at it's strongest and most intimate. Before we met, we never thought that could be us, and it is! It can be you too!

We want to teach you that holding out for Mr. Right is worth it. We want to teach you how to attract him, how to recognize him, and how to nourish that relationship to its fullest once you have it. Join us so we can show you that you are worthy of having the love in your life that you desire!"


Walter Scott Keisling

  • Life & Relationship Coach through Robbins-Madanes coaching program

  • Owner Wilmington Rock Gym

  • Former AMGA Guide

  • Former Rescue Climber

  • Has worked in the Film Industry for 30+ years.

Social & Media Links:

Nancy B. Kiesling

  • Studied at Salve Regina Universtiy, University of Rhode Island, University of South Florida. 

    • Bachelor's in Mass Communications: Advertising, with minor in Psychology. 

  • Continued Education in Business and Graphic Design

Social Media Links

  • Because you're sick and tired of coming up with new ways and trying new things to feel better about yourself, yet keep getting the same results!

  • Because you're sick and tired of being something you're not, hoping it will give you what you desire.

  • Because deep down you know you want love, you're just not sure if it's in the cards for you. 

  • Because this is your moment to do something you've never done in order to produce a NEW result in your life.

  • Because YOU know you're ready to demand the respect in your Love Life that you do in the rest of your life.

  • Because you're ready to be loved for who you are, not what you do. 

Why Should You Join Us?


Don't try to change who you are in order to be loved. Don't live your life at the mercy of others.

Gain Independence! Increase Confidence! Create Your Own Reality!


Sign up for our Life Changing retreat and learn how to have the Love Life you dream about.




Do something different to have a different outcome!


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