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Take Scott & Nancy's message into your life with digital courses.

Scott & Nancy offer a variety of courses that help you STOP treating the symptoms of your problem and instead get to the root cause of your problem so you can overcome it once and for all!
Work Life Balance Toolkit

Work/Life Balance Toolkit


Feeling a little off? Pulled in too many directions?


Stop falling prey to your old ways by learning how to remain balanced & aligned.

Stop procrastinating and create better time management!
Attract in more abundance!
Learn how to be less harsh on yourself!

All of this and more is in our Work/Life Balance Self-Care Toolkit that gives you habit-building exercises that you will start implementing TODAY so you can begin to create Balance & Self Care routines into your daily life.

Complete this online course at your own pace and start creating new habits to have the balance you truly desire.

How To Love Yourself More, Right Now!


Self-love can create your best relationships, but many do not know how to overcome their inner critic in order to develop unshakeable self love.

People who dive into learning about their deep rooted beliefs that have created the unwanted outcomes in their relationships, learn how to turn their weaknesses into strengths and develop the confidence they need to implement standards and boundaries and create healthy relationships.


Start TODAY and complete this online course at your own pace and start creating the unshakeable self-love you need to get the love & respect you truly desire from others. 


What's Included:

  • 5 video Modules

  • habit building exercise

  • Access to our Facebook community

  • Bonus Video!

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Renew Your Life 90 Day Reset


Feel like your life could use a Refresh button? We hear you!

Sometimes life is like a freight train plowing through and we are just along for the ride. Get in control of your life. Learn how YOU can be in the driver’s seat.

Over the next 90 days you will Renew Your Life by looking at what’s not working and coming up with new strategies to create the exact life you want.

What's Included:

  • 12wks of powerful coaching exercises teaching tools & strategies to eliminate unhealthy habits and create new pathways for an empowering new lifestyle.

  • Reusable exercises to declutter and revamp your life anytime you need.

  • Access to our Facebook Community

  • Assessment Call with Scott & Nancy to build your roadmap for your future.

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