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Meet the Team

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Co-Founder & CEO

Scott is a native of Long Island, NY but has been traveling the world since the age of 19. He has always had a love for nature and adventure and chose to turn his passion into his living. He spent 30yrs in the film industry doing every crew position, working his way up to being a Special Effects Coordinator. All the while building his rock climbing, adventure therapy business and becoming certified as an AMC Guide and Rescue Climber. He has a passion for risk, but believes in doing it safe. He has been a Safety Trainer and Safety Training Coordinator in the union and for the film industry since 2014. Scott has gained invaluable life & business skills throughout his journey, most important has been his broad knowledge base of human behavior. He has become a human behavior expert and understands what makes people tick and how they can rewire their brains for happiness. Today, he loves sharing his knowledge and expertise for living your best life and having amazing relationships. Scott loves spending his time with his wife Nancy and his son Talis. His favorite things to do are play in the woods, tinker on projects, and travel.


Co-Founder & COO

Nancy is originally from Rhode Island, but moved south to follow the sun and finish college when she was 21. She graduated with a BA in Mass Communications, Advertising and a background in psychology; and since then, she has chosen to continue her education in graphic design, business, marketing, life coaching, human behavior, neuroscience, adventure therapy, event production, and retreat building. She gained tremendous people skills with her 18 years in hospitality as a server and bartender. Always being very self-motivated and self-disciplined allowed her to follow her entrepreneurial heart, opening four businesses to date. Nancy's favorite things are warm weather, walks with her husband, paddleboard yoga, and traveling to new places.

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Connection Photographer

Marcela is a native of the Czech Republic. After college, she decided to move first to London and then to the US in 2002 to begin her journey of exploring the world and discovering her passion. She became a US citizen in 2017 and has lived in Chicago, California, and most recently North Carolina. She has an insatiable love for animals and keeping the planet healthy, but even more so she loves capturing people in their true essence. She launched her company MAP (Marcela's Adventure Photography) in 2021 and began working as an independent contractor for Scott & Nancy Consulting Adventure Therapy Retreats while sharing her talents with other companies like Hawaiian Shaka Love and Goods and Goats Farm in California. Marcela's specialty is being able to capture people when their soul meets their purpose, and she is not afraid to water raft down a river or hang off the side of a mountain to get that perfect shot. She is an important part of Scott & Nancy's retreats because, without her, clients would be behind their phones trying to capture that perfect IG photo instead of being in the moment and connecting to nature and each other. In her spare time, Marcela loves to clean the beaches, practice yoga, and travel.

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