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"Adventure isn't hanging on a rope off a side of a mountain. Adventure is an attitude we must apply to the day to day obstacles in life."


Dual Keynote!

Scott & Nancy speak on stage together giving the audience a very unique experience, sharing both a male and female perspective. The energy between them is invigorating and contagious. Having them at your event adds a breath of fresh air and some variety compared to the norm. 

Scott & Nancy offer a variety of meaningful and measurable keynote options centered around The Undeniable Power of an Adventurous Mindset - how to have positive mental health, avoid burnout, and have the success in your life and relationships you truly desire. 

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For all speaking inquiries, please contact us here.



Adventure Mindset:

Empowering Women in the Workplace

Whilst women have made massive progress in the workplace (and the world) over the years in gender equality and gaining the respect deserved, it doesn't go unrecognized that as a woman, in order to receive the same opportunities as a man, you have to speak up. This can be discouraging to women, even subconsciously, causing them to not take steps to follow their dreams or give up when they face challenges. 

In this keynote, Scott & Nancy talk about how to develop and maintain an adventurous mindset even in the face of a challenge so you can achieve all that you want in your life & career. Far from just a motivational speech, Scott & Nancy provide the audience with key takeaways that are immediately actionable. Attendees will feel motivated, however, it won't be something that will die off with confusion once back in the real world. Instead, attendees will feel empowered and equipped with how to make adventurous decisions that will help them to feel seen and heard, build better relationships, close more sales, and be taken seriously.

Learning Objectives:
  • The power of choice and how to make adventurous decisions.

  • 1 Degree Shifts: The surefire way to transform your life, work, and confidence without overwhelm.

  • Understanding the psychology behind human behavior and how to use it to your advantage.

  • How to Train your subconscious to be the hero instead of the villain.

  • Break down the truth behind that voice in your head that keeps you from stepping into your full potential.

  • Discover the biggest mistake women make in the workplace that holds them back.


Adventure Goals:

How To Get Out Of Your Own Way

There's a big difference between dreaming and going after your dreams. Those who let their fears dictate their choices stay dreaming. Those who learn how to self-asess and set adventurous goals go after their dreams.


Humans need a compelling future to feel motivated, and in order to have a compelling future we need to set goals. The question is, will you set goals within you comfort bubble, or stretch outside your comfort zone?

In this keynote, Scott & Nancy explain the importance of adventurous goal setting in creating an extraordinary life. They share their own personal experience with setting aventurous outcomes and going after what others percieves was impossible. They lay out the exact steps for getting out of your own way so you can set goals outside of your comfort bubble and create the life you truly dream of.

Learning Objectives:
  • The difference between fear based goals and adventurous goals.

  • How to set goals that will create the extraordinary.

  • How to live from your heart space instead your thought habits and create ACTION.

  • Understanding the psychology behind human behavior so you can follow through with your goals.

  • How to Train your subconscious to want to accomplish more instead of procrastinate.

  • How simple actions paired with self awareness can turn your dreams into realtiy.


Adventure Leadership:

How To Make Next Level Decisions & Inspire Your Team

A team and a company is only as great as its leader. How the leader thinks and behaves will dictate the success of the team as a whole. A great leader encourages strategic thinking, innovation, and action. 

In this keynote, Scott & Nancy speak on how to develop and maintain an adventrous mindset as a leader so you can encourage and inspire your team to operate at their highest level.

Learning Objectives:
  • Identify what fears are in place when it comes to breaking through barriers and achieving greater success.

  • Learn how your adventurous mindset can increase employee morale and retention.

  • Learn how to embrace the power of choice and promote adventurous decision making.

  • Extinguish limiting beliefs that are keeping you from building your best team.

  • Instead of thinking critically, learn how to think adventurously.


All keynotes are customized to fit the audience and industry needs. All keynotes can be delivered in-person or virtually.

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